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    Originally Posted by KBlack25
    I know it's easy to Monday morning QB it. I just hate settling for that shot in that spot, especially with Carmelo. Melo was doing a decent job all game getting to the hoop (including on the possession before). That's what I would've liked to see him do.

    It's one of the things that gets me annoyed with guys like JR Smith and Melo, when they get into that mode where instead of trying to get a better shot they settle for a long contested jumper. They have both been much better about that this year. I just wanted a better shot there, with a full 24 to work.
    I know, I and probably everyone said the same thing. We came back at about the 4:40 mark when they were in the penalty we began taking it to the hole, drawing fouls.

    A few significant things happened. JR comitted a stupid foul. Melo was called for a stupid foul, and the refs ignored the foul call on Kaman, which looked so blatant.

    I bet you figured just like I, that they owed him one. Fast-forward to us running the clock down, no tme outs, taking the final shot and we all knew Melo should be getting the rock. .If not then TC rolling to the basket like the last few unstoppable looking plays (where they fouled).

    When we see Melo beating his man left off the dribble, considereing what I wrote above, it seemed perfectly set up for a drive and a possible and one. Melo loses handle pulled up bad shot, game over.

    Originally Posted by nyk_nyk
    I hear and understand what you're saying about the rate of 3 pt shots with a comfy lead, but they've been successful so far by shooting a very good % and I can't see them putting the brakes on just yet. Personally, I'd prefer with a good lead to get shots closer to the basket with a chance for FTs. Weak defense and too many perimeter shots are gateways to let teams back in.

    Perimeter defense and rebounding HAS to improve. Following up on your Novak comment, I've been watching him closely on the court and its like he has vegetable oil smeared on the bottom of his kicks. All you have to do is make one decent move against him and his feet panic. Instead of simply sliding his feet side to side, he does these small hops which keeps himself off balance. I know he's the best shooter some of you have ever seen, but I'm all for sacrificing 2-3 threes a game for better perimeter defense. Just about everyone else contributes on several levels except Novak. As of RIGHT NOW, Kidd, Smith and Felton are all shooting a higher 3pt % than Novak, so he either contributes on the defensive end or get comfortable with Copeland on the bench.

    My prediction has always been that he would be the odd man out once Shump and Amare comes back anyway. Great shooter or not.
    But what I'm saying is having to scale back seemed like a priority even when we were making them IMO.

    If I'm going to say I was worried even when we were successful doing this under MDA, then its only consistent to say it with Woody. We can't become too reliant on the 3 even if it drops. We have to get used to getting it done inside and gritty.

    And Novak probably hasn't slowed down as much as he was the least of our worries last year. He probably couldn't play D and have some moves off the dribble then, and he still doesn't now. But now its more apparent.

    Like the past we have to hold coach accountable for either teaching him or reducing his minutes. We lagged with him in the line up, we cameback when we sat him.
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