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as it might be a hassle to arrange mass tickets to a game, considering NYK ticket costs
and limited seating (unless someone wants to lay out a grand for a slew of tix in nosebleed
territory), perhaps meeting up at a Knicks Fixer Mixer c/o Alan "Me So" Hahn-y.

went last April at STOUT's (w. 33rd st, down the street from MSG), got a free t-shirt,
met Tina Cervixio, and the whole Lin t-shirt crew (or maybe it was Laundry Folds),
had a couple beers...

that was before Alan got the MSG job, so don't know if he's gonna make it
happen this year.

maybe a get-together at a sports bar (or titty bar?) where we can watch game on big screen,
drink, get stupid, have fun...

if KO posters can recommend a good place for starters, we can take it from there
re best day of week to see game, best game to see, etc.

suggestion: Clyde's Wine & Dine? we can take over the dinky half court!!
I was thinking a bar or wherever. Tickets might be too much of a hassle and they're too expensive. Plus, we can hear Clyde on TV together, so no biggie.