How dare you guys talk about Melo's game against the rockets?!!

Melo was the only reason keeping us close at first, the rest of the team was plain bad.

Felton was better than Lin? NO! Felton was stupid to say iam better than lin before the game, he put some unnecessary pressure on him that lead to a bad performance by him especially at the beginning of the game when houston got their pace going.

Felton has to be the general of the floor, he played bad and so the the team as a whole did.

Yes, in general, felton is MUCH better than lin, but man, did he **** up big time that game..

I hate this attitude of "iam better than u", man.. prove this on court, let your play do the talking.. leave this **** to beginners, you are a ****ing professional!

If felton plays with cool and confidence, we should be good. No reason to feel obligated to fill the stat sheet just to prove a stupid fact that you are better than lin, this was immature by him.