The 3-10 No-competition Detroit Pistons in MSG .... the tickets shouldve been less than half price for a Knicks vs Piston game .. especially on a day when the Giants vs Green Bay Packers.

I had to put the Knicks game on mute .. commentator Walt Clyde Frazier was spitting bullshaat praises about Melo Melo Melo, trying to make Melo jock strap smell like a womens sweet perfume, even when Melo wasnt in the game .. Frazier was pathetic to listen to.
When the game looked like JR.Smith did a Kobe, Lebron, D.Wade to the no-competition Pistons, with Novak doing a Ray Allen.

Do anyone know how old the Pistons backup center Drummond is?
He is the type of young center with potential I would like to have on our roster with all our "Old-Heads" this season.