The Big East Edition threads are for match-ups against the East's upper echelon teams. Each Big East Edition will feature a mini video mix of a particular Knick.

In this edition, I'll be bringing you a mini mix of Jason Kidd, who has proven that age does not necessarily degrade one's virility. Captain Kidd leads the team in steals, and has brought a niche to the offence unlike many others could.

Captain Kidd

The Bucks Can Be Stopped Here

The Bucks are notorious for crisp ball movement. If we lock the perimeter, we can take the W. Crucial, of course, is beating them on the boards. In Samuel Dalembert's absence VS Chicago the other night, the Bulls outrebounded the Bucks 54-40 including 20-10 on the offensive boards. But the real number was the seven offensive rebounds the Bulls claimed in the final 5:01.


Speaking on the Knicks' most recent/disgusting loss to Houston. A fine piece, I'm sure you'll agree.

Originally Posted by CA7
I said the effort wasn't there but no one was playing D, no one regardless of that Melo and JR are our best 2 scorers, I'm not sacrificing their shots for other guys unless their open

Early on in the game we tried moving the ball and nothing was happening and Houston started pulling away so what happens next is you get Carmelo going and boom we're back in the game

Regardless of anything we had 22 assists, we shot 43% from 3

We lost due to rebounding 49-30 Houston and defense 51% FG, 56% 2's and 89% FT's

Harden shot more FT's then our entire team as well