Yo Crazy

good thread as usual but that poll has me a bit heated.

It seems you are losing confidence in Felt and don't understand this are part of the learning (and gelling) process and we will be better for it.

We not only won, but DOMINATED without our full roster, and without fully gelling. Now we see some cracks that we have more than enough time and opportunity to work on.

We'll break down the film, revamp some offensive plays, and we will adjust. We have to embrace this opportunity to see our weaknesses (before we get too confident), learn from what happened and adjust.

Felt is hungry enough to be relied upon. Winning how we did early "reactivated" Melo's ego approach superseding the humility he had and is forcing us to develop some bad habits (too many threes).

Once the leaders emerge (hopefully Melo himself, TC, STAT, Felt, and Kidd) and take a step back, they will realize what formula best suits the team goal of winning. Then we will have an identity.

Until then it's 50/50 whether we win or lose.

PS. I don't like that poll.