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1. Melo is not Lebron and will never be Lebron

Lebrons a freakishly athletic athlete who gets to the rim at will & is a excellent passer (Hate it or Love it Lebron is the best player in the NBA). plus he's playing with two all-stars Bosh & wade...

Carmelo on the other hand is a very gifted scorer, who's roster includes a heavy amount of defensive minded players and 40 year olds...

How much more do you expect him to do? Melo does what he does best and thats score the ball. Melo actually has had a nice season so far doing a little of everything (including sharing the ball) ...

With key players Amare injured and Shump injured, Carmelo is going to have to carry alot of the scoring load for us.

Our problem is ever since the Houston game our team in general has showed very little ball movement.

All iam saying is that he has the ability to be a better passer, I don't think that kidd is more athletic than melo, yet his passes are gold.
Melo actually has a decent touch when he passes the ball, he should do it more often, it's not like iam dreaming or something.

Melo can:

He should utilize his passing skills more than that, he should take the advantage of being double/triple-teamed and pass it to the open man. Actually, when he does pass it, we would have the element of surprise that we could use against the opponent.

My discussion here about Melo doesn't mean I am against what he has done so far to the team, melo is my favorite nba player and you guys are responding to what i write like iam a melo-hater or something.