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    Question Mark Somehow we gotta fix the issue with offensive rebounds.

    If we controlled the boards then we only have one loss this year (Rockets game was just one of those games where nothing or no one would have helped).

    We have had so many great defensive sequences only not to grab the rebound. This is what made Larry Brown's Piston teams so tough, 24 seconds of tough D and then grabbing the rebound.

    Woody and staff need to come up with an incentive for this like they have done with turnovers.

    I have watched The Nets game (rooting against of course) and the only way they can beat us is by getting second chance points. I watched them play against Portland today and they struggled against them without Aldridge for much of the game but it was second chance points that allowed them to pull away...we are going to have to limit those tomorrow night and if we do we got this team by 13 or more, if not it will be a tighter game than it needs to be if not a loss!

    JR Ronnie and Kidd have been doing very well grabbing rebounds for us, but we need it to be from our post players...namely Tyson!

    Safe from the Rockets game our team defense has been as good the past couple of games as all really is the offensive rebounds that are giving teams extra possessions and teams are knocking down 3's off of these boards

    Dallas Loss: Dallas 11 offensive rebounds Knicks 5

    Memphis Loss: Grizz 12 offensive boards Knicks 10

    Even today we gave up 10 in a game we win by 21

    My point is...this is where we are gonna take the next step. We don't need a trade to bring in a player to help with this, we got the personnel to do so but there needs to be an emphasis on this because if we control the boards we virtually unbeatable.
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