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If it were STAT and Novak, I'd do it. Not a reactionary comment in regard to Novak, BTW, I just think that he's not likely to fit the mould with Woodson.

● Are the Lakers legit about this though?

Where do Amar'e, D12 and Kobe find a cognitive niché?

Surely Gasol returning to form (as well as being insured) is better than trying to fit in Amar'e considering Gasol's experience in LA and his diversity. If people have an issue with his defence, then they're not likely to enjoy the services of STAT.

I just can't see LA replacing what's considered a bad contract with a worse one that's uninsured. They'd be that much better off with 1 or multiple unwanted expiring contracts and focusing on the trio of Howard, Bryant and Nash, and from there adding what they can to their window of opportunity.

I give this a 1 in 100 chance of even being a remote possibility. The Lakers aren't that stupid, and we're not that lucky.
But it is insured. They never used their amnesty.. right?