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    Default Update on STAT and team rebounding

    WTF is up with Amar'e, man?? Dude's a star player on this team, still a big part of what we're trying to accomplish here, and I swear, he maintains the quietest profile I've ever seen out of a player of his caliber out rehabbing an injury. Anyone know exactly what the hell's going on with this guy? It feels like when the Knicks exiled Marbury for Christ's sake...How is his rehab going? Is he still on schedule for that 6-week return or was that pushed back? Is the knee worse than the Knicks first thought? Why isn't he on the bench with the team? Seeing him at the game the other night in civvies with the winter hat on in the tunnel somewhere was bizarre to say the least. I mean, if he's physically able to make it to the arena, why isn't he on the bench with the team? Weird..I don't get it..Why no interviews, updates and no coverage concerning his progress from the media? Imagine if this was Derek Jeter? We'd be getting multiple updates on a daily basis, both on TV and in the papers...This whole situation with STAT's very strange..


    Anyway, Amar'e or no Amar'e, I think we need to keep an eye on this lack of rebounding problem. ****, I want the problem addressed ASAP..Getting out-rebounded almost every game so far. I've been saying it since the off-season -- if Kurt Thomas isn't up for steady mins anymore (and I don't think he is -- started against the Nets and left the game shortly never to return from what I remember, not looking effective at all---if he was & showed signs, he would be played a lot more, simple as that---out of the 3 old bigs, Sheed's the only one showing he's up for steady mins), he should be cut/bought out and we should look to import a PF/rebounding upgrade on the cheap somewhere. Something better, more viable and capable of having more of an impact than KT..Look, would I like to make a trade for Anderson Varejao and pencil him in alongside Chandler and Melo on that starting frontline? You bet, but that ain't happening. Neither team can match up salaries & players for a deal like that...So where else can we go for additional rebounding? Two players I'd look at if I'm the Knicks:

    (1) Kevin Jones - 6'8" 250 lb. PF, very good rebounder at West Virginia and he can score. Capable in the post, he can even step out and knock down jumpers all the way out to the 3-pt line..Two very solid games in the D-League so far. 20 & 10 guy in the Big East his senior yr at WV. Very long and strong.

    (2) Drew Gordon - 6'9" 240 lb. PF, started off his career at UCLA then transferred over to New Mexico where he became an excellent double-digit rebounder for the Lobos his junior & senior seasons. Long, good athlete -- probably a better athlete than Jones but not as polished offensively. I think he's over in Europe playing somewhere, maybe Serbia. Shouldn't be a problem to buy this guy out of his Euro. contract and bring him stateside.

    I'd take either guy over Kurt Thomas...I think bringing in a little more viable youth up front would go a long way. STAT, even when he does make it back, isn't a great rebounder..Neither is Chandler for that matter (dude was very good the other night overall but he had only 3 defensive rebs in over 40 mins. THREE!).. KT looks like he's done. So does Camby, we just recklessly threw way too much money at Camby to just discard him (even Camby was surprised at the contract he got). Thomas, on the other hand, with his low salary is easily expendable. Thank God Sheed still has something left, only problem with Sheed -- I'd be a little leery of playing him big mins. We're gonna need Sheed -- don't wanna burn him out early. I think grabbing a young, cheap big that can come in and bang, rebound the ball, take a pounding and give it right back & compete on the interior with the Kris Humphries', Reggie Evans' and Anderson Varejaos of this league (the jury's still out on Camby--we'll have to see if he can round back into form--he was still very productive last year--but KT can't compete with these types of guys anymore) would be just what the doctor ordered right now. Just my 2 cents..
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