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I dont know which game you've seen iso-ball but we haven't been solely iso-ball at all this year.

I think we've been mismanaging it lately I mean you gotta give Melo the rock when he's hot but when he needs rest you gotta rest him. I think your over analyzing whats going on.

Also the last 7 games Melo is shooting 49% so I'll take 49% Melo over 43% Melo

A winning contender team only plays ISO-Ball in the 4th quarter n cruntchtime .. coach Woody last 7 games started playing ISO-BALL as early as the first quarter .. we dont have 3 consistent ISO players like OKC had in Westbrook, Harden, and super-star ......

There are only two players on the Knicks that play ISO-Ball, and one of them have a career of inconsistency .. the rest of the Knicks roster are team ball-players. Felton gave away the Nets game (trying to) play ISO-BALL in the 2nd half n OT.

Melo averaging 30 pts a game have us at 3-4