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I mention Melo's 9 point performance of taking the Spurs best defenders away from the basket for a Knicks win over the Spurs.
I also mention Melo's 9 point performance dropped Melo's scoring average down to 22 points.
Will Melo ever play possum like that again? HELL NO!
However, Melo wants Amare to play possum every game, which took Amare out of being selected to the all-star team lastseason.
Did u and others expect Amare to do the samething this season, while Melo get all the lime-light for keeping the Knicks a .500 team .... I dont think so.
Sorry man I disagree all around. First of all, Amar'e TRIED to get his always and often, he just was not able to convert. -- Melo was NOT preventing him from doing that and neither was the coach. When you have a player like Amar'e yeah, you can use him as a decoy.....but we were doing anything BUT that, as Amar'e was given free reign to shake and bake and pop from 15ft out (decoys don't often actually attempt shots).

Why do you think Melo won't play 'possum' again? I can't find anything reasoning. I think he can and will if he's bottled up as such, the Spurs play the best team defense in the league outside of Miami and they effectively neutralized Melo, forcing him to be productive in other ways. It didn't help that Melo's open looks weren't falling either, so he recognized he needed to get going in other ways.

Brooklyn however, could NOT neutralize Melo, neither by team or individual defense. Melo missed a ton of open looks he should have made, but in general he could get his shots off.

The only thing I do agree with you is that YES, teammates tend to stop playing hard defense when the offense only runs through 1 or 2 people -- they stand around, looking uninterested instead of moving around, setting picks, boxing out -- that's on the coach to illustrate.

....But the notion that Melo won't ever defer again is not in any way true.