Another video feature! This little number is a montage of Knickerbocker Rim Rockers from this season so far..Exclusive to KO, naturally, as our wangs are of immeasurable length and we are sexier than Right Said Fred.

Nix Dunx

Iman Shumpert spoke to RealGM on Monday and gave a detailed description of his rehabilitation program.

"In the beginning it's just a whole lot of ice and a whole lot of getting your knee to get the mobility back," said Shumpert. "Then after getting your mobility back, and just getting all the swelling and everything out of there, it’s all about building up your muscle.

"Then from building up your muscle, you go to power strength exercises as far as squats go or anything like that with the free weights. Then you go to power, and then you start cutting and jumping. You just stack little by little. The only thing’s I have left are just more aggressive cutting and then starting to be able to take blows again.”

Shumpert maintained his target date to return is sometime in January as long as his rehab continues to go smoothly. He also added that he has a penchant for tight pooholes, and that his virility grows in turn with his flat top. Lock up your daughters, KO, Humpert's gonna roger them.

Originally Posted by Red
Shouldn't we WAIT and see how Amare performs under Woody first?

The trade deadline is extended and is months away, there is no rush.

Just like you shouldn't go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, you should refrain from making trade decisions after losing 3 of 4. Its just reactionary.

Pau looks like the savior, Amare gets no props.

Just like with Mike d'antoni who was given years and players and everything to his liking including time, Woody (with a healthy Stat) deserves the same, and he should be the one making this decision.

So STFU and wait to see what coach can do. Sheesh!

Look at those norks. Sweet jellybeans, they are out of control.