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Unfortunately he's made of glass, injury after injury. IMO at this point Ribery is the most valuable part of this Bayern team.

BTW, today Bayern's facing Borussia. BVB is a great team to watch, very young core, several superstars in the making (you gotta love the trio of Götze, Reus and Lewandowski) and a very charismatic coach in Klopp. It's gonna be fun, can't wait, 6:30PM CET.
You seem really knowledgeable about what's going on in the Bundesliga, better than I thought you would be lol.
I agree, he is injury prone and the french man has been the star of the team. However, I hope that robben gets the championship he deserves, it has been a journey full of losses at the last meters for him, Bayern and even Holland.

About today's game, the 2nd half was breathtaking, especially from Bayern's side. I thought that if Gomez had entered the game earlier than the last 10 minutes, Bayern would have won it.
As for Dortmund, it seems that Lewa isn't interested in playing for the team anymore, he is already thinking of the premier league, and this year might be his last one with Dortmund.

Klopp has done a tremendous job with this young team, he should be nominated for the best coach of the year in Europe, but he didn't make the cut because those awards should actually be called the awards of spanish league, all the players and coaches nominated play and coach there, ridiculous!

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