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    Nyk Logo Best Starting Lineup without Kidd?

    Been away from the forum for a while, but here I am . Trying to get a feeling of all you guys' opinions a little bit.

    For some reason, Woody's been going with Kurt at the 4, Melo at the 3 without Kidd. Kurt's still only playing ~7-8 minutes per, though.

    IMO, Novak should get the starts at the small forward, and Melo should be running the 4 again. If you look at the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] by position, he's one of the most dominant power forward's in basketball right now.

    At the 4, the offense is less stagnant. Melo uses primarily post-ups, whereas at the 3 he tends to run iso.

    Also, Melo's defensive struggles are more on display when he's at the three. It's not a matter of effort (like last year), but at small forward he's chasing guys around the perimeter, switching, etc. He's looked vulnerable to back-door cuts. At the 4, he's better suited in the short term to body guys down low and D up that way.

    As far as Novak goes, it looks like his slump is over. At the very least, he stretches the floor for the rest of the guys. I view it as a better option over Kurt who hasn't looked all that deserving of any burn. What's confusing to me is that Woody starts KT, takes him out 5 mins later, and that's usually the last we see of him. Just puzzling to me.


    I'd like to see


    With plenty of Felton-Pablo-together minutes. We saw that combo together for the first time against Milwaukee, and it looked great. Why not try again?

    What say y'all?
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