Hello fellow knickerbockers ,

I am not sure if this is thread worthy, but i read this nice article about the spurs vs stern and i found it to be an interesting one:

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it's not really about the recent fine, it talks about the history between both parties (stern and the spurs).

And while i was reading it, I read something about the knicks being a team which stern was biased with. Was that true? what's the story behind that mention?

I am basically a new fan so I don't have enough knowleadge about what was happening to the knicks back then, and I am interested to know what happened.
The writer started to mention the knicks here:

There's a double-standard to how this league operates under Stern, and it won't change until Adam Silver takes over and makes it a priority to do so. When Yahoo! Sports uncovered a pattern of deliberate predraft rules violations that benefited the New York Knicks and penalized the rest of the teams, Stern did little. Brandon Rush blew out his knee in an illegal workout, Wilson Chandler was stashed for weeks in Atlanta so no one else could get access to him before the draft, and Stern fined that Cablevision empire essentially lunch money for a weekend shindig in the Hamptons with the Dolans.

Any thoughts?