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    Quote Originally Posted by 21 Shump Street View Post
    Not to be a bad spot, but it's our defense, or lack there of. Seems in some of the 'easier' games we just decide to outscore out opponent (narrowly).

    We have shown we can play hard D with the best of them but I would like to see a more consistent showing across the full season. Just seems like we cruise to give players rest and rely on our offense a bit much.
    compared to the last decade, it has been a great surprise for me

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    A lot of things have been a stand out for me, a lot of our players are playing better than we thought. Melo finally stepping up his defensive game, JR Smith looking like a legitimate contender for 6th man of the year, Prigioni has played better than I thought he would, Marcus Camby barely playing is still something I don't understand.

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    MIKE WOODSON, the team is playing like it is because they love him. like when you were in school and there was a teacher you really liked, you didnt wanna let him or her down so you actually gave a crap and tried.

    all other opinions like melos mvp campaign, sheeds defense can boil down to a coach that these guys WANT to play for

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    Melo play on defense .....diving for loose ball ...his over all play has been outstanding ...many thought he never play D ...he`s done more than any of us could have ask ......right now he has to be the MVP

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