listening to Mike Lupica and Don LaGrecca right now and Don is freakin pathetic. Just admit that you didnt watch the knicks last nite i would have more respect for you, instead hes throwing out these generalizations because he has nothing substantial to contribute....

case in point, Lupica asks him what did JR do when they got the steal on that fast break at the end, and he goes, he shot it for the win! NO! He pulled it back out and they called a time out.

Lupica says the knicks took alot of 3s last nite and they are taking more than they did when Dantoni was here....Don's response "we'll they better be making them because if they dont, they're in trouble", really? Thats all you got to say about that?

He and Kay are both ****in pathetic who know NOTHING about ball , NOTHING! They jumped on the bandwagon last year when Lin got hot and now they're doing the same cuz NYK are doing good. Wish we had some real knowledgeable sports talk hosts in the NYC area, someone who was passionate about ball.
Even tho i disagree with half of what Stephen A Smith says, at least he sounds passionate when talks basketball. Cant say the same about his wanksta and Michael Kay who is the biggest fraud around.