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So heres my thing, iv been wondering this for awhile and just didnt know who or where to ask.

Who are brooklyn fans and who the f do they think they are?

think about it. if your from bkny you and all your damn anscestors are knicks fans.

are these people ex knicks fans with 0 loyalty? in which case they can die in a fire. are they people who never like bball and are just fronting? in which case they can drown in a river.

are they jersey fans who make the trip to bklyn? which is somewhat respectable, but they had like no attendance and Barclays is packed, so it cant be only them.

i just cant find anything positive about these so called fans........

anyone else have any ideas?
LOL i feel you. No switching teams for me im locked in for life with every sport.

Put it like this. Your from Brick township NJ right?
Lets say a new team opened an arena there....
Wouldn't you be kinda down with them?

Like smokes said we've been ass for years so some of these so called "fans" are tired of it. They see the new team they see the new arena they see Jay z. Blah blah you feel me