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    Question Mark Is the Heat still the team to beat?

    I'm not just wondering this because the Knicks decisively beat the Heat in all of the games this season so far, and I'm not just wondering this because the 2-13 Wizards beat them. Those don't make the Heat look like a force to be reckoned with for the Knicks, but it's still early in the season so I'm not gonna say those are the only reasons.

    Last post-season Rose got injured, so the Heat faced the Sixers, who gave them a tough time anyway. The Pacers' depth gave them trouble. The Celtics weren't far from beating them. And the Thunder were young and inexperienced.

    This is not to say the Heat weren't good, but Wade wasn't that good in the post-season, and the only game I remember their best player DOMINATING was that one game against the Celtics, game six I think. LeBron seemed all he had to do was be solid against the Thunder, instead of needing to be amazing. That's not to say he WOULDN'T have been amazing if he had to, but I wasn't impressed with his play as far as Finals performances go.

    Wade also isn't the same. He's older, but maybe he just has to get healthier.

    I see the Thunder being a tougher match-up for the Knicks.

    What do you think?
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