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I would think their the team to beat, they are the defending champs after all.

Dont be fooled by records or where a team is siting in the standings

Miami and Boston are both two teams who can easily turn their gears to a different level in the playoffs... especially if fully healthy.
So the title they're defending is the 2011 2012 championship correct? Which means whoever whens the championship is the new 2011 2012 champion correct? Because after all that is what they're defending. That term is used so much out of context on sports its unreal, u can't defend something you don't have and thats the 2012 2013 championship. How are they defending something that they don't even need to be beaten to attain? They may be the favorites to win it all but they aren't defending anything. When a new champ is crowned they will still be the 2011,2012 champs. In order to defend something you have to be able to lose it in which they will never lose that championship

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