Hello all,

I haven't posted on this site in months because I was irritated at some people on the forum and I've been busier due to being in college now, but I decided to take a look this afternoon and see what you guys are up to.

In case you all missed it, I haven't been healthy my entire life. Ive always been overweight and sluggish. In October, I was sick and did nothing but eat. I ended up at around 235 pounds. In November, I decided to make a change for myself and do something. It started with going to the gym everyday

I checked myself in the scale last week and i weighed 218. I lost 17 pounds in a matter of months. I beat the Freshman 15, and I'm not stopping.

Admittingly, my diet isn't stellar, and I seldom eat fruit. But the most important thing I did was quit putting **** into my body on a consistent basis; like Metro said, moderation is key. My diet is alright and it doesn't suck. I quit eating red meat, white bread, quit drinking soda, really cut back on fried foods, and started calorie counting. The Myfitnesspal app was very helpful to me in this. If I eat burgers, I'm eating veggie and turkey burgers. If I'm eating anything fried, it's probably sweet potato fries. I also eat things like tuna wraps, chicken salads, granola, greek yogurt, nuts, and so on. I do mostly cardio with muscle every now and then; most of the fat is on my stomach so I'm trying my best to focus on abs. I'm starting to get into running, albeit progress is slow and steady. Hoping to do a 5K this summer when I get back to Vegas, although in 115 degree heat that may not be a good idea. Also during the summer I plan on playing basketball again and doing something like ballroom dancing to keep myself active.

Once I month I go for a cleanse and drink Blueprint juice. Here is the website [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
It's a bit pricey considering it's $10 a bottle and you're having one every day, but remember this is taking the place of a meal. It's nutritious and tastes great and leaves me feeling more energetic throughout the day. You can pick it up at Whole Foods; I usually shop at the one at the Bowery at the 2nd Ave F Train station.

And as for humans not needing to eat meat, Metro you're absolutely right. That has been proven; plenty of my vegan/vegetarian friends have told me this before as further justification for their lifestyle. Do your body right and it loves you back. I don't think I could give white meat up, though.

Anything I'm missing in my diet/daily routine? Hope y'all are doing well.