How many times in the week do you workout? Typically 4-5 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday or Sunday or both.
How long and intense are these workouts? Moderate, Since I still feel like I'm in the initial stages of getting fit and burning fat. Treadmill for usually 30-40 min depending on how I'm feeling, mixing brisk walking with jogging. Then exercise bike for 20 min at a consistent moderate pace. Then I work on the weight machines. I heard dumbbells are the best option though; I don't have a consistent muscle workout, unfortunately.
How many hours a day are you sleeping? 6-7 on the weekdays, 8-9 on the weekends.
Between what time in the day you start eating and what time in the day do you stop eating? On the weekdays I start at 10:30, eat lunch at around 2, and dinner at around 9. Some snacking in between. I used to have a problem with late night snacking but I'm getting better at it.