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    I encourage diet to still be posted in the fitness thread, but most of that thread has exercise discussion, even the name of the thread makes you think about exercise. I'm creating this for mainly diet (I say mainly because other things such as exercise always could come into play).

    I haven't drank soda since Monday. The two times I was at Shop Rite this week altogether I bought Smucker's Natural chunky peanut butter, honey whole wheat bread, a couple cans of tuna (one jalapeno tuna), whole wheat pasta (haven't eaten that yet, saving it for a day I have six meals. Is there particular kinds of sauce or whatever other topings to go with this?), baby carrots (going to put them in the juicer with garlic and drink it with breakfast every morning when I start doing so. Professional wrestler Bob Backlund credits a lot of his conditioning because of this drink. It's supposed to help prevent cancer as well. He looks young for somebody 63. He credits walking a lot too), red wine vinegar, lemon, walnuts, and tea. I got my mom to get wild salmon for dinner one day this week, ate it tonight. She told me the skin was easy to scrape off. Instead of scraping it off I peeled it off, I didn't think by skin I was gonna peel off the scales and everything LOL. That was disturbing. Is eating the skin ok? I thought she meant I couldn't eat it, but my dad did. Next time I will. It tasted ok. Would be better on a sandwich. I put some lemon and lime on it then ate them. We didn't know to cook it the best way, anyone know?

    I've been mainly drinking orange juice, cold green tea, tea, and water. The orange juice and cold green tea have a bunch of sugar in it, is that ok? It's not a lot compared to soda.

    I'm an ectomorph/hardgainer, so I've been trying to eat and drink a lot healthier, while still saving money for a car. Any tips?
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