Two former North Carolina star point guards go head-to-head Sunday at the Garden. Felton has scored a combined 54 points in his last two outings. However, the Knicks signal caller launched 30 field goal attempts in a loss to Chicago on Saturday night. He felt this was a rare occurrence due to the defensive scheme from the Bulls.

The Knicks rely on Feltonís playmaking abilities from the perimeter, not only as a scorer but a distributor of the rock to Tyson Chandler and company off the pick-and-roll. Denverís point guard uses a slightly different menthod with his lighting quick speed to get to the rim. Additionally, Felton is a solid shooter and passer, which makes him a necessity in Denverís freewheeling, fast break style of basketball.

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Fat Elvis speaks on the expendability of Novak VS Brewer.

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Tough call

If Brewer keeps hitting that corner three, his defense might be the deciding factor. But odds are he won't keep hitting threes at over 40 per cent, considering he isn't even 30 for his career.

Obviously, Novak is only really good for this three-point shooting, but he is pretty phenomenal at it, and hasn't really been at his best so far this season. I think he'll get better as the season progresses.

The problem is, when defenses key in on him (like miami in the playoffs), he becomes a non-factor, other than spacing the floor by keeping his man out by the three point line.

He has seemed to be "trying harder" on defense to me, and made a few decent plays, but he's still a liability on D. He's also made a couple of shot fake and then shoot again plays which are new to his repertoire, which makes him a little better.

At the moment, the Knicks are getting plenty of open threes, and plenty of guys knocking them down. But when the playoffs come, threes will be a lot harder to come by.

What I'd really like to see is a screen or two for him. Seriously, am I the only one confused by this? Why don't they run him under the basket and put a screen or two or three for him to get him open, like the Celtics would do for Allen? I'm not saying call his number 15 times a game, but I think his shooting ability warrants 3-5 screens a game.

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