Yes i said it. I believe that to be a fact. Many knick fans in all Knicks forums are trashing Allan Houston. On hot 97 there was a guy trashing Allan Houston while Jamal Crawford was a guest. In the losses in Minnesota (where they knicks did not score for a field goal the last 7:57) and against Boston, Allan Houston would have made a big difference. Next to Marbury, Houston is the Knicks bets player. Might not be as talented as Crawford but he is the one of the better players on the team none-the-less. The Knicks are still a new team slowly becoking a "team" They sre still not sound offensively because they go through too many droughts. TT is stuggling mightly and Crawford is a streky shooter. Marbury is the PG (ball always in his hand) the D will lock him down cuz he is the only consistent threat for the Knicks. During those 2 losses it is clear to see that the Knicks biggest problem besides the 5 position is their lack of a "GO TO GUY" During the Layden era there were a bunch of bums of that team that could not play for the life of them. Before his injury riddled season that coincided with the change up of the team, Allan Houston was the man. He averaged a career high 21 to 22 ppg. He had a 54 pt game against the Lakers and a 50 pts game against the Bucks. That was the year after he signed that $100 million dollar deal. Allan will be our go to guy when the Knicks cant score. He is a proven veteran. But too many knicks fans forget how good this guy was. Allan has the steadiest hand in the NBA. When he takes a junp shot a lot of knicks fans feel pretty confidet when the ball leaves his hand.

Besides with his contract who can we get. The market wont take Allan and we cant afford to lose him now, since Crawford is still a streaky shooter. Allan Houston is our best player right now. He can move with outthe ball, he can hit the 3 consistently and he is our best free-throw shooter. His D is suspect, but that is the trait of all the great pure jump shooters, (Ray Allen, Mike Bibbi, Peja Stojacovic). When he comes back a lot of you will change your tune.