It was recently learned that Nets minority owner Jay-Z didnt want the information to leak about how big or small of a portion of the Nets he actually owned. Well let it be known that Jay-Z doesn't even own 1% of the Nets. He is however a very rich man, can't take that away from him. But his manhood was nearly taken from him back in 2001 when the real King of Rap nearly made Jay-Z cry. Heres one of the greatest diss songs ever made. Enjoy it while your viewing the rest of the thread

Not trying to take the easy way out here but I don't feel the need to talk about any strategy. The Knicks have had roughly the same strategy every game we've played so far. I feel like all we have to do is what we did last time against them. The only reason why the Nets beat us was because Kidd was out.

Now its time to sh*T all over the FagNets....lets start with

Theres all kinds of rumors going back to 2006 about Beyonce having bad breath. Normally i dont care about rumors, but i find this one a little interesting. 2006 was when her and Jay-Z got engaged from what I remember...You kiss a camel long enough and you can also expect to have bad breath

Brook Lopez could return. I didnt even know he was injured, i thought the Nets suspended him for being an ugly motherf*cker

The New Jersey Nets and the Boston Celtics had a recent altercation where Kris Humptree's delivered a hard foul on Kevin Garnett while he was in the air. Thats like tripping an old man with crutches. Sick move by humptree's, hes a sick human being. Heres a few photo's for those who didnt catch what happened

Here we have Humpfreeze catchin a beatdown from the Jet Jason Terry and Rajon Rondo. I guess Humptrees's fellow teammates were too p*ssy to help him out. Gerald Walrus finally came over when it had basically been broken up. He just wanted to look like a tough guy for a minute. And we have an exclusive photo right here

Well i guess that just makes both Humptree's and Rondo look like b*tches. Moving on, I have just a few quick notes below to keep everybody updated on the latest news

-Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby listed as day to day

-Brook Hoepez will be a game time decision Tuesday night

-Carmelo returned and dropped 34 points on the Nuggets Sunday night to help the Knicks win

-NY Knicks are 15-5, Best record in Eastern Conference

-New Jersey FagNets are 11-8, 4 game losing streak

If I could post only one picture to summarize the Brooklyn Knick juniors over the course of the last few years, this would do it for me

Their current 4 game losing streak proves they are still under construction

I hope all my fellow Knicks fans truly enjoyed this. I will leave u with a classic from Queensbridge since QB is sorta the opposite of Brooklyn. And also a classic from Harlem...since Harlem is a part of Manhattan

Mobb Deep - When you Hear The

This is Jim Jones