I am not gonna talk about the negatives, we won like kings do tonight.

We had our worst beginning of a game this season, almost 17 points deficit, then we came back huge, that's a plus for our guys' mentality.

45 f u c k i n g points for melo, on 62% shooting... this is madness, melo went #beastmode.. is that his knicks high? it's certainly his best knicks game yet.

I love kidd, he's just awesome, what a pick by the knicks.. he is the best new comer in the entire NBA this season... i want his jersey up there in MSG by the end of his career (preferably with 2 rings for the knicks, this season and the next).

JR's energy in the middle of our comeback was huge as well.

game of the year for the whole NBA this season.

now, lets laugh at that stupid chant in Barclays center lol