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yeah, that stuck in my craw too. how can you call an offensive foul when Kidd's in the middle of shooting, in mid-air?
because his leg went out in mid-shot? and then he harped on it! idk, JVG is turning retarded in his post-coaching, opinionated broadcasting career.

phenomenal win, so glad game was on ESPN, so i could watch in FLA.
league pass has sucked here, stops and starts for every game.

Jason Kidd is a fu*cking clutch shot hero. although Feltip had a poor game, and sat out much of it due to lame foul calls,
JKidd knows where to get the ball, passing and receiving, and plays smarter than most players in the league.

Melo was unconscious. so many amazing buckets, driving, turnarounds, stop and pop. MVP performance.

2 great wins in a row with great endings. looking forward to Antoni getting booed in MSG.
If we play half as well as this against the Lakers then we will tear them apart. Seriously, the Lakers are falling apart at the moment. I hope that Dumbphoney gets abuse the whole game.