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This Haggard Individual is B.I.T

Mike, mother*cking, 'Antoni. This miscreant anus tickler has been afforded one of the league's best rosters, and has so far managed to merely carry on the same success he had in NY. The Los Angeles Lakers lost at home on Sunday to the Utah Jazz by a final score of 117-110. The Lakers allowed the Jazz to score 1.361 points per possession. Sound familiar, Mike advocates?

"Ummmmm … we're not very good right now," was all Mike had to say.

How the f*ck did this joker get the gig in LA? How?

IMO, the Lakers knee jerk firing of Brown to replace him with a worse coach is the NBA fail of the year.

As constant failure HC in NY, his incessant "let's go" war cry, his animated antics when the Knicks' offence was predicted over and over again, his neglect of certain individuals, his "offensive genius" time out plays that never worked, his wont to ignore necessary substitutions ~ I am so glad that this imbecile is out of here, and has been replaced by a true Alpha Dog in Mike Woodson. Just look at what he's done with this team, and, most importantly, the potential defensively that he's enticed out of Anthony.

It just wouldn't be right if I didn't call upon D'antoni's biggest detractor, Red, by regurgitating some of his anti-MDA venom.

Originally Posted by Red


HOW do some have the audacity to talk about "we need a pg", or "we need a big" , before saying "we need a new coach".

This one has squandered away every opportunity we had to really compete. And now after YEARS you don't realize coach is the REASON we don't have them.

SERIOUSLY!!! And you call yourself a fan.

Dat's Nashty

Steve Nash's return to the Los Angeles Lakers has been delayed due to nerve irritation in his lower left leg, according to sources.

Nash seemed to be ready to come back from a non-displaced fractured left fibula three to four weeks ago, but he suffered the nerve irritation during rehabilitation, sources said.

Nash has been caused pain any time he applies pressure on the nerve, which is steadily improving. Nash was forced to pull out of a session of sticky anal with Beyoncé quite recently as a result of his injury. Jay Z has reportedly almost stopped crying.

Nash, who has missed 19 of the Lakers' 21 games, is expected to return before the end of this month, sources said.

Speaks Dutch! So, I have to wonder, has he ever stuck his thumb in a dike?

Kidd Karma

Speaks on the Heat and the Knicks.

Originally Posted by Kidd Karma
Is Melo's top 7-8 (Melo, Amare, Tyson, Felton, Brewer, Kidd, Smith, Sheed, Novak versus, James, Battier, Bosh, Chalmers, Wade, Allen, Lewis, Cole, Miller) supporting cast able to carry us to the 4th quarters in late May and June? will Melo have enough gas in the tank the final 5 minutes? Harden couldnt' answer the call last summer. Right now Allen, Lewis are wildcards, they won't run the 82 games, so the record maybe a mirage, plus the Heat were down 2-1 to Indy and James willed them to a win, if the Chips are down, can Melo put up an epic performance? I don't need to see 40, when we win by 20.

We got JR and Felton, will they disappear in the playoffs? They have to come up big for us offensively, defense will be there, it's the offensive support around Melo that needs to show up consistently in the playoffs. Our depth is helping us grab headlines and wins right now, but once the benches shorten for the playoffs, is our top handful of guys enough to get it done? I think the key lies with Amare right now. If he provides bench support, we should be in good shape to take down the Heat.

Need 4 Sheed

On Hedo Turkoglu "They’ve got to know that he’s a f*ckin' flopper. That’s all Turkododo do. Flopping shouldn’t get you nowhere. He acts like I shot him…That’s not basketball, man. That’s not defense. That’s garbage, what it is. I’m glad I don’t have too much of it left…Let the Golden Child [LeBron James] do that, or one of the NBA Without Border kids do that, it’s all fine and dandy."

Steve Novak has a third testicle that recreates the exact sound of crickets f*cking when he moonwalks. He was also questioned by police in an alleged incident, in which a nun received an atomic elbow to her lady garden. ****ing look it up it's true.

Because it's necessary, that's why.