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    Nyk Logo Home test in effect: 6 straight home games in December

    Our 16-5 Knicks are on a ROLL to win the Atlantic Division Title ..
    We are 8-0 on our home-court with our next 6 games at HOME (MSG) to entertain Knicks-Fans with win-win-win as the top contender team in the Eastern Conference .... if u dont know by now our 6 straight games at HOME will be the optimistic-hype we been looking for over a decade.

    12/13 Lakers (9-11) 20 point win over no-defense Damnphoney
    12/15 Cavs (4-17) a tough win over a sleeper Irving/Vare/Scott
    12/17 Rockets (9-10) a payback win over Lin in MSG
    12/19 Nets (11-7) a uptown WIN over Brooklyn
    12/21 Bulls (11-8) payback win in the Big Apple
    12/23 Wolves (9-9) a tough win over the West sleepers

    Should coach Woody rest all our starters after winning all 6 games at home when we go on the road to play the No-Defense Damnphoney Lakers in LA on Christmas???

    What u think KO members???
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