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Thing with LA you have to look at is they're the most laziest team in the NBA right now when it comes to defense.

Kobe lost his defensive intensity...people say his defense got worse, I wouldn't say that. Defense is an art, Bryant and Artest have been some of the best we had this decade...but both of these guys seem to lost the passion for defense, the pride for it.

By seeing in the video, Lakers obviously don't take man to man defense and play a weak zone.

Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith and Tyson Chandler will exploit this.

On top of that, if Knicks do their usually ball movement, expect a lot of open 3pt shots and a potential 120 point night. Lakers have the worst defensive bench in the NBA, they're a poor constructed team who thought Dwight Howard alone would put them on the top.

Good to see LA failing, of course they make the playoffs...but f*ck them. I hope Nash stays unhealthy, Howard becomes more injury prone and Kobe says f*ck LA, and signs to New York for the veteran minimum to play 3rd string SG behind Shumpert and Smith lol.
Vets come to play when they feel like it, Alonzo Gee? Dion Waiters....yea who, Artest and Kobe will be up for Melo.