Hot damn .. we redeem our homecourt with a pure butt-whiippin over Brooklyn .. Barkley is sitting in the back of the class with a Dunce-cap LOL
Its to damn bad the Brooklyn Nets had to be the next suspect of redemption on our Home-court .. who's next

Big Props go out to Melo's return .. giving Tyson Chandler fresh legs to dominate over all 4 of the Nets bigmen on bothsides of the court .. plus JR.Smith step-up to perform like the 6th man of the year as a pass-first guard keeping the ball movement flowing for easy open shots for teammates .. while Melo movement/presence drawed the Nets defense toward his unstoppable scoring.
Props goes to team-ball movement, team-defense, and only 7 turnovers in the game.

Novak being out gave rookie Copeland playingtime to box-out, set screens, and being the first one back on DEFENSE in the 2nd half.
Great Game at MSG...