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    Question Mark KnicksOnline and Facebook

    It's hard to say who really started this thing but various KO poster are getting more and more in touch with each other on Facebook. I assume a vast majority of the posters have a Facebook account, recently I've been in touch with rady, Crazy8s, CoolClyde and Starks. The real question is however, is there a need to start a KO FB movement to create some buzz and get us some more posters or draw some attention to the site/board?

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    I think that would be a great idea. Many pages and famous youtube users have a facebook page as well, to promote their website. The more people like it, the more it spreads. If i were to like it, everyone on my friend list would see that i like it. Out of curiousity some would click it and thats how it spreads. Definitely consider doing this.
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    Who uses facebook nowadays? That site now is like a capital of the world most infamous perverts. Seriously, it's full of them.

    Forget about Pervertbook, it's all about twitter now, fellas.

    I already have knicksonline in my following list, and I assume that Rady is tweeting from it.
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