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  • Woody should give it a try with Melo for 10 games

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  • 6th MAN!!!

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  • he will EF everything up

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  • trade him for Pau Gasol

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    Default What the Offense will look like if Stat Starts?

    was looking at this video and the offense looks absolutely beautiful, Felton drives can kick it out to novak. Felton drives can kick it out to melo. Felton drives everyone closes in can lob it up to chandler or What actually happened, Can kick it to Stat for an easy dunk.

    What do you think should happen when stat returns?
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    Ray and Stat have great chemistry together, combine that with kidds IQ and stats unselfishness, I think it will all work out well. I see him having a 20/8-10 year
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    Woody will probably let Stat come off the bench for a couple of games until he knocks the rust off.

    Honestly i'd like to see Stat as the 6th man off the bench, BUT i'd also like to see stretches where Amare and Melo are on the floor together because if we want any shot at winning a Chip these two will have to get the chemistry down.

    I know alot of knicks fans want to see Amare off the bench and truthfully it makes alot of sense to have him come off the bench.

    1.--I'm beginning to like this Ray & Kidd combo, lets not forget J-kidd and Chandler have legit chemistry together.

    2.--What is our second unit lacking? a guy that can dominate inside the paint and draw attention right? (Amare fills that hole). Imagine Novak and JR on the floor with Amare, they'd get a ton of open looks

    3.--What happens to Pablo? he's been great for us all season why take away his minutes? I have a feeling pablo and Stat would be a nice combo. Lets not forget Pablo is superb in the pick and roll.

    If stat started well still be a good team, but IMO if stat came off the bench we'd be an even greater team.
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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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    I think of Amare as an added weapon we're getting back to Woody's aresenal. Woody's been great in finding combos on the floor. If it don't work, he won't force it, he'll change it up. I think he'll get Amare some time off the bench intially. The thing is we dissect this thing so horrifically it's ridiculous. Watch Lebron, Wade and Bosh, when one has the ball, the other is standing there, what, same will happen here, one has the ball, what the hell is the other guy supposed to do, sure run the offense, but it seems we over react to the littlest things. Woody knows what Amare does well and he'll bring it out in sets that we have already.

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