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i mean, there has to be something specific about the video you're trying to upload or your channel... I just ripped your previous top 10 and reuploaded it on my own channel with no problems:

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you're not a youtube partner right?
No, I'm not a YouTube partner. I think it's the fact that I'm in a sense recreating the NBA's material in the form of editing the plays in order.


Vimeo is actually working fine. I messed up the first upload is why I thought it didn't work. But without paying, you can only upload 500mb/week, and my videos are between 400~430mb each. I'm not gonna pay to make the videos. F*ck that. Metacafe is reasonable, but the quality is a bit crappier, and the videos can't be embedded.

So Vimeo's out, Metacafe is a bit poo, YouTube can suck a fat one, and creating my own site to upload the videos will cost me money.

Regardless of what method I choose, it looks like the NBA will eventually catch on and block them. So because we're not allowed to be fans of the Knicks outside of their set parameters, I'm just not gonna f'ing bother anymore. It's not worth it for me to put all the effort in, only to have the videos chased down and potentially be in line for a liability suit.