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    Originally Posted by erivera
    i still don't understand taking centers off the ballot. every team plays a power player at center. garnett and bosh are examples. they're not true centers, but there's a reason they're playing center because the center position is still important.
    The NBA's response:

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    Originally Posted by Starks
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sometimes democracy just doesn't work folks.
    That depends on who you ask. At the end of the day, the NBA is a business and they will give what the fans ask for. Regardless if they are right or wrong. At least as fans we have the power to influence the results.

    Perhaps they need to apply a certain minimum requirement before they can be voted upon. That would eliminate some obvious candidates.

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    Originally Posted by Munchen13
    How is an all-star appearance is considered to be an achievement to a certain player when that appearance is decided by people's votes?

    Since it's a popularity contest, we should never mention all-star appearances for players when we talk about what they achieved.

    Based on the current system, I agree. It should be based on merit and the value they bring to an organization due to their performance.

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