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    in 2010 the first returns for All Star balloting returned and Kevin Garnett had Amare beat out in votes despite Amare clearly being the better player that season and we put in the votes and Amare rightfully got his spot in the starting 5

    Now the first returns has Garnett ahead of Tyson and we need to rally and do it again.

    No way Garnett deserves to start over Tyson! No way The Celtics deserve 2 starting players in the All Star game (and Pierce will likely be named a reserve) with the way they have grossly underachieved by the standards the media (I never believed they would be that great) set for them

    This is not me being a "homer" there is a player who deserves that frontcourt spot more than Tyson and we gotta get him there.

    Tyson should have been an All Star the past 2 seasons we can't let a 3rd time happen

    Vote twice a day if not 3 times a day!!!
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