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    Video Knicks Top 10 Plays V Cavs - Game 23

    So, it turns out that one of my guesses as to the blocked videos was right. The NBA will block any and all nationally televised, special edition games videos that exceed a certain amount of time. That is my guess. I'm pretty sure that's correct.

    So, as much as it sucks, I'll have to chop up individual plays for those games and process them separately. Time waster! I don't understand why it's OK to have short videos but not long ones.

    That also means that all the playoff games won't be usable on YouTube.

    Anyway, it's good to know that I can do one for every game of the season, but it still sucks that I can't get them all on YouTube, as I've developed quite the following now.

    All I hope is that I can get my top 100 plays of 2012-2013 up, as YouTube is the only site that lets me put up videos for whatever length of time I like.

    That's gonna be a beeeeeaaaaassssst.

    Porn time.
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