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Why are people so sure Melo is out? Everywhere I looked doesn't have an update yet.

Our 18-5 Knicks have to beat the 11-12 Rockets without Melo in the lineup ..
Melo earned another game-off to rest his injury. This game we need to see
Novak, JR, Brewer, and Copeland step-up their game performance on offense/defense
replacing Melo for a WIN at the Garden.

Felton has not stepped-up his performance from his Bobcats daze, nor has
Felton prove to be a better team-player at the point than a rookie "Linsanity" ..
whomever disagree need to watch Felton performance for 5 straight games
without Amare or Melo in the lineup.
Felton's progress under Jason Kidd's tutledge is coming along slowly as a team-player
on both sides of the court, but the real test for Felton is tonight at MSG vs
the Rockets backcourt trio of Harden, Lin, and Toney Douglas ..
Will Felton take advantage of the Rockets backcourt weakness n flaws like the
Lottery Raptors did last night for a Raptors WIN?

Tonite's game at MSG is all on Felton's performance ..
or should Woody give team-player Pablo 30 minutes of playingtime at the point for the Win.