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Thread: Thoughts on OKC

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    Default Thoughts on OKC

    Westbrook 8/25 and 9 TO. Athletic beast, but if 2K My Player was real life, Westbrook would have a player grade of -D. He stinks.
    Durant 32 points on 18 shots Westbrook 23 pts on 25 shots with 9 TOs.... OKC has too many scorers, not enough ball facilitators.
    Durant has a pretty noticeable bald spot at age 23.... He spent too much time with Lebron, it is contagious.

    I would kill a puppy to have Serge Ibaka on the Knicks.

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    Theres still a few areas where Westbrook scares me a little but I do think hes finally stepped up his game and shown improvement this year. But damn when was that 9 turnover game? Ahh I see, tonight against the wolves. Damn 9 for 28? And hes only shooting 41.2%? For some reason i thought he was playing alot more efficient then this. I gotta rework my top 25

    Serge is incredible so far this year. The Thunder so far is clearly the best team in my opinion

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    Ibaka and Durant only players competless in this league.

    Durant is totaly dagger man in 4th quarters like Melo

    but Ibaka this is blocking machine Knicks need some1 like him

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