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    Default Some minor adjustments I'd look to make right now

    Team is firing on all cylinders pretty much and it's been great to see...However, as deep as we are and we're pretty deep, I still think we can improve this team very quietly, possibly by looking at a couple of D-Leaguers.

    The two enhancements I'd look to make are at the PF and SG positions, even with Amar'e & Iman Shumpert due back soon:

    (1) Buy out/cut Kurt Thomas and sign 6'10" F JaJuan Johnson to a contract. I just don't see Kurt as any kind of a difference maker anymore. Sheed's been good and intense and deserves to stay and play a little when needed---dude clearly has a little something left to offer; and Camby simply makes too much money to move (one of the few mistakes Grunwald made was giving Camby the contract he did--even Marcus was surprised at what he got and said so publicly, inadvertently clowning Glen in the process)...Kurt's the guy I'd look to trim. He's only making $1.35M on a 1-yr deal---I don't see any reason why an amicable buyout couldn't be reached between KT and the Knicks at this stage..This man's best days are clearly behind him...JaJuan Johnson is one of the better DL bigs, possibly the best. 6'10" 225 or so with a lot of potential...I see a player just as good as Orlando's Andrew Nicholson to be honest...Remember this kid well at Purdue -- would do some stuff out there that reminded me of Kevin Durant from time to time...Prior experience with the Celtics. Signed by Houston months ago but as far as I can tell, he's no longer their property.

    (2) Cut James White and sign Chris Douglas-Roberts to a contract. Not saying White is complete trash, I just felt we could've done better right from jumpstreet...I mean we signed White to a fully guaranteed contract before we had any resolution with the JR Smith situation. Before the J Kidd signing as well if I remember correctly...Think about that for a sec...Mgmt clearly had bigger plans for this guy before they came to terms with JR... Scary---can you imagine if our 2G rotation was Ronnie Brewer and James White right now, what a disadvantage that would've put us at most nights? Wow...We can flat out do better in terms of a skilled wing reserve than Flight White and like Kurt Thomas, White's contract is negligible (even moreso) and should be easy to trim...CDR is currently one of the best, most productive players in the NBDL---dude is averaging over 22 a game..Kicked off his DL career with a 49 point pre-season game down there. Say what?!? That's right..49 points back in November..Crazy...This guy's always been a dynamite scorer wherever he's been and gotten playing time---NJ, Milwaukee, overseas, and now in the D-League...No question he's got NBA talent..The man is infinitely more skilled than James White, ain't no question about it. You could even make a case that he's just as good or could possibly be an even more productive option over JR Smith. Definitely a better talent than Ronnie Brewer too imo.


    I say go get these two younger/better alternatives right now to solidify depth at 2 of our weaker positions...In an instant, it would make us a much younger ballclub and improve on an already solid talent level. It'd be like adding 2 1st round picks outta nowhere on the talent alone...Can't fully rely on Amar'e and Shump to supply answers and bump us up to elite status...In a perfect world those two absolutely could and hopefully will take us to the promise land but there ain't no guarantees in life man...What if it doesn't work out with one or both of those guys? What if one or both experience setbacks? Unfortuately, they're each huge question marks and that's the reality of the situation...No reason why we shouldn't be thinking about a backup enhancement plan at the PF & SG spots God forbid Amar'e and/or Shumpert don't regain top form. If we're really serious about going for it, then let's go for it! Forget next year or the year after -- do everything in your power to make improvements and put together the best 15-man roster you possibly can right now!! I say make the quick roster adjustments with KT & White (we don't owe either one of these guys a thing---the goal should be to assemble the best, deepest team possible) & go secure these two upgrades before someone else grabs them.
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