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It's funny how people think Carmelo is MVP candidate...3 rebs 1 ast lol he will always be a volume shooter nothing more...
Carmelo has lead the best team in the East...he's worthy of a MVP just based on that. He may not have high stats in assist and rebounds, but he comes to play at 100% or 80% health...you have to respect that.

I've lost respect for LeBron because he doesn't play physical defense at anymore, despite him having the best tools in the NBA. LeBron has gone two weeks without fouling anyone...fouls are apart of the game and it's natural. LeBron's game to me is becoming superficial and so hollywood...of course he's better than Melo, but Melo gets respect like how Arturo Gatti got respected. Gatti went to war unable to breathe with a blood nose and two eyes he couldn't see out of. I don't think LeBron is a warrior, maybe the fame totally propagated him...which is smart, dude is a bank, why sacrifice his body for us? He already got it made, got the ring...they call him the King.

I just back up Melo now because dude is going through a war against the refs, the doubters, facing injuries and trying to get the Knicks a championship with the 2nd best player on the team being Tyson Chandler where as guys like Durant and James get to play with Westbrook, Wade, Bosh, Ibaka, etc.

I support Melo because he's giving 100%, if he wasn't...I would bump the Carmelo Anthony is the New Glen Robinson thread.