Very interesting to see the attention the Nets have been attracting in the past seven days from the media, not the kind of attention they were seeking when they fluttered their eyelashes at the NBA's Association show this year.

Mostly centered around Deron Williams underachievements, the media has been digging for signs of discontent within the Nets camp and wasn't disappointed to hear from D-Will that he is not happy playing in Avery Johnson's ISO-happy offense.

Coming from the player who's previous coaching gripes all but forced Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan into resigning his position with Utah and retiring from coaching altogether. One wonders whether Avery Johnson might be under fire in the near future.

Even "ISO" Joe Johnson has been voicing his concerns over the Nets stagnant offense.

The Nets currently sit one game above .500 and although they have been without Centre Brook Lopez for a short stretch, that's not really an excuse given that Andrey Blatche was giving them excellent production during that time.

Will the next 59 games be enough for the Nets to gel as a team and gain the form that their pre-season admirers were predicting or will they make yet more changes to put a band-aid on their problems, perhaps further damaging their chemistry as a group?

I feel the Nets really are the antithesis of the Knicks. While we are united, experienced and shaking up the East, the Nets are falling apart.