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3 earlier qtrs his offense was main reason of our weakness, so one qtr doesn't repair it when we lose game.
,,At least Raymond brings dribble penetration and a pretty good mid range jumper(on most nights at least), the penetration being something the knicks SORELY need."
Kidd should run offense, and Felton play SG if he wants take so many shots.
it wasn't just felton having poor 3Q. dribble penetration is one of the greatest assets of any PG.
Kidd can only play a certain amount of minutes. Prigioni as well.

the mass hatred of felton on this forum makes me shake my head.
other than losses to Houston and Chicago, Knicks are 19-3. was Felton really responsible for all losses?
and what percentage of his play was he responsible for the wins?

remember, he's playing with 2 bruised hands!
the man can't even jerk off!