definitely an all-star performance by Junior Swag. his last 2 shots were amazing!
but JR's overall performance was one of the best games for a Knick this year other than Melo's 4Q heroics.
his aggressiveness, defense, going after the ball, rebounding and dead-on shooting...phenomenal.

still would like Copeland to get more minutes... not only does the kid have just as good a shot as Novak,
but he can create his shots, rebound, just needs to work on his defense.
as opposed to Novakaine's 3 points in 27 minutes.
or James Whitey, 2 points in 18 minutes.
or Brewer, 2 points in 13 minutes.


Jason Kidd with an EXCELLENT game, some clutch defense and steals, solid all around. maybe he's the answer
to Feltip's downward spiral. at least it shows Wood Son that Kidd can make it happen, even if Prigger
had an off game with TO's.

however, Knicks could just as easily lost this game, the perimenter dee was hurting, Dudely and Telunfair
were cruising and bruising thru the paint and beyond the 3 line.

Chandler's solid play and Camby getting back into the swing of things made a difference as well.

strange game, post-christmas hangover.

just another great great ending... all hail Junior Swish!