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Mainly talking about KT and Camby --- I'm done fellas...These guys can't help us....Even before Camby pulled up lame---AGAIN!!---he didn't look good to me at all...He and KT just can't keep up with younger, quicker, stronger frontline players...That's it. Case closed.

Look at last night -- Hibbert for part of the game, West, T. Hansbrough, even Jeff Pendergraph --- Camby and KT can't match up with guys like this...And it's gonna be more of the same tonight AGAIN with Noah and Boozer. Seen it before and we'll continue to see it until Amar'e's close to 100%, Sheed finally makes it back (he's old but unlike KT and Camby, can still impact the game), and/or we bring in some younger/stronger/more athletic bigs to compensate and cover our frontcourt weakness, even if it's just for the interim. Ba fongooll!!! I can't bear to watch this anymore!!!!

Listen, if we could go out and trade for an Anderson Varejao (he's hurt now but you know what I mean, a high-priced NBA impact big), I'd say go for it...WE CAN'T!!! Don't have the trading chips for a guy like that and don't have the cap room to absorb salary...That's why I've been advocating going a different route --- import at least one young big from the D-League or the like (Europe?) on a league minimum deal that can help us compete up front!!! KT and Camby aren't getting it done. Period...Aren't capable of getting it done...Now Camby's hurt again, supposedly limping & walking around in a boot after the game...There's a shock..LOL....These guys are done, man....DO SOMETHING!!! We're throwing away games. First order of business -- open up at least 1 roster spot. Waive bye-bye to KT. HE'S DONE...I'd waive Camby too, thing is we gave this guy too much money where it wouldn't be feasible...And while we're at it -- buy out or waive Brewer and James White and bring in a 2G upgrade as well. I can't stand the sight of these guys anymore -- NO OF THEM CAN HELP US!!!! I can't believe mgmt. hasn't seen this and taken steps...Mark Cuban wouldn't put up with no productivity outta KT, Camby, Brewer, White, etc.., I can tell you that. Why's Gunwald putting up with it???

1 - Cut KT & sign K-Mart. He's supposedly open to a 10-day make good deal. Get it done. WTF are we waiting for?!? Not sure how much he's got left & what kinda shape he's in, but I GUARANTEE he'll give us more than KT & Camby. Was still playing above the rim last year for the Clips in a limited capacity. KT and Camby can barely walk---there's a difference.

2 - If K-Mart continues to play hardball, move on and sign a capable big from the DL like JaJuan Johnson (#1 pick in the DL draft), Arinze Onuaku, DaJuan Summers, Marcus Cousin (where's he been? he go back to Europe?), Chris Johnson (the 6'11" big from LSU with NBA experience), even a Luke Harangody who played great the other day -- Harangody's a little undersized but he hustles, is surprisingly skilled and always manages to have an impact..Harangody had something like 28 & 15 2 days ago down in the DL and is averaging close to 19 & 14....Love to have a guy like that over KT/Camby. Even Jarvis Varnado --- did Miami pull the trigger on him yet? I'd jump in and get involved on this guy. I'd be all over this guy if I were Grunwald!!! Guarantee him 20 mins a night for the forseeable future. Explain to me how Miami, the league champion last year and a team that is ahead of us in the EC, shows interest in a guy like this but we have none?? He goes to Miami, he may not even play...With our gapping holes up front, he'd play here (up to Woody of course)...I'd play him..This guy's shot-blocking and rebounding skills are NBA caliber...I even would've signed PF Kevin Jones over a month ago (Cleveland did)...Any of these cats would be a HUGE upgrade over KT/Camby. I don't see how anyone could even debate this.

3 - Address the 2G situation already, even if it's just on an interim basis...I was screaming for Chris Douglas-Roberts...20 games ago!!!! Would've been perfect...Dallas scooped him up...Still good solutions out there -- LOOK FOR THEM!!! Watching a lot of DL lately -- really like the look of this Chris Johnson outta Dayton. 6'6" lefty 2G who can shoot from deep and put it on the floor...I also like this 6'8" SG/SF Gary Flowers. Guy's a stat-stuffer that impacts every area on the court. Even a guy like Morris Almond's still around...Cut White, Brewer or both and upgrade the spot with one of these guys...Clear as day that any of these 3 would be huge upgrades over Ronnie Brewer. Wake up Grunwald -- Brewer's killing us!!!!!

Well thought out post, but how many chances did we give Morris Almond?