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The t wolves are a 500. When kevin love missed time this year they were stilk a 500 team which means his stats aren't affecting the wins and loses. Don't merge this into a twolves/kevin love discussion to get away from david lee... I don't really believe I'm arguing with someone who is saying that David lee, 1 time all star is better than amare, who didn't have 2 good months as a knick he's had a decade of dominance... Amare's worst year last year in the league. his number are in line with d. Lees career numbers. His team is better because stephen curry is healthy anf klay thompson is hooping. I don't I'm comparing stat to david lee. Smh....

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You're the one who brought up Kevin Love.

A decade of dominance? I haven't watched a lot of him in his Suns days, but I do know he had an amazing PG on his team feeding him most of that time.

You're the one ignoring what I said. You stated straight up false information. Did you see Amar'e dribble the ball off his foot tonight? He may be rusty, but that's nothing new.

I'm pulling for STAT and hope he comes back to how he was early on with the Knicks when he did have a bigger impact than Lee, but stop denying David Lee is getting things done and Bogut hasn't even played.

Yes, the Timberwolves were winning without Love, they have a lot of good players and a good coach. This still doesn't explain how his stats are empty.