For over 40 sumthin years the cheap LA Clippers organization were known as the NBA garbage Lottery Team ....
WTH happen???

Clippers headcoach Del Negro has an undercover assistant coach name Chauncey Billups that stayed in every Clippers-players ear during their 25-6 record .. winning all 16 games in the month of December.

Chris Paul & Blake Griffin are the NBA elite Super-Stars, that happen to have outstanding depth from a star-role-player point-foward on their bench name Lamar Odom, who has multi-positional talent on both ends of the court to lift his bench-teammates performance .. having an offense/defense bench-rotation of "Bledsoe/Crawford/Barnes/Odom/Turiaf/Hollins" GELLIN so strong the Clippers coach Del Negro are unable to give the team Super-Star players "CP3 & Griffin" one minute over 32 minutes of playingtime in 31 games.

What does the Clippers have that the Knicks are lacking .. other than a healthy 11-man rotation that was ready for all 31 games?