Rookie of the year- aka best new poster - ORANGEBLOB (Was a flaming f*ggot when he first joined, i wanted to put a rusty nail down his peehole. But hes turned it around and is the 1st rookie i can think of even though im not even entirely sure that hes a rookie

Best Comedic Performance- aka funniest poster - Im actually gonna go with Kiyaman here, some of his posts are on the low type funny

Villian of the year- poster everyone hates the most - Ron Ron (Starmelo backfired on him)

Tyson award - Poster who wins every debate - TO BE ANSWERED

Most Controversial
- KingStarbury3

Best Mod - So many great new mods this year, i cant even choose. Actually Ill go with Rady, he made some great selections by making Metrocard, Crazy8's, CoolClyde and RunningJumper mods

Best Name - Poster with the best screename - Stephon Marbury or any name with Starbury in it

Worst Name - poster with the worst name - RealHeat

RZA Award - poster who drops the most knowledge on their topics - Crazy8's/Metrocard (I gotta vote for both of u here, both of not even sure if insightful's the word. You guys drop alotta knowledge here

Thread topic of the year - Starmelo has completely f*cked the Rep System

Carpenter Award - poster who makes the most interesting threads - Crazy8's hands down

Feud of the year - which posters had the best fights - TO BE ANSWERED

GifMan Award Poster who post the best give - NYK_Reloaded (one of my favorite posters, always comes through with the gifs)

Replier of the year self explanatory. - NYKnicks17. Hes a legend

MVP - best poster on - TO BE ANSWERED

MSG's worst posters of the year: NickKnicks, Den318, RealHeat (more names to be added)